Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: No "Scandal" Here

No matter how much Reno television station KRNV tries to make a mountain out of a molehill, no matter how much they try to stir up public outrage over the fact an at-will senior administrator was dumped by Superintendent Pedro Martinez, the fact is there is no scandal here. In the video it is noted by a couple of board members that he has the right to do it.


So freaking what if 86 or 87 percent of the viewers think they have a "right" to know why former WCSD police chief Mike Mieras was sacked? Privacy laws say it is none of the public's business why anybody in the public sector is terminated. After all, public employees don't "work for the taxpayers," no matter what that idiot NPRI or whatever the hell that outfit is says. That's the outfit that runs "Transparent Nevada," dedicated to creating outrage by the public over the "excessive" salaries and pensions those "lazy" public employees get.

Public employees work for the agencies that employ them, not for the mythical "taxpayers." Period.

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