Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: Suspicions Mount

In the latest news, ousted superintendent Pedro Martinez flatly denies he misrepresented his credentials and is seeing an attorney.

I hope he takes the district to court.

The district will likely offer him a sweet deal to "go away." However, the whole thing is starting to smell.

As I have noted time and again on this blog, Washoe County School District is an extremely corrupt organization with a firmly entrenched mindset that believes longtime employees, especially administrators, deserve lifetime jobs. This is regardless of how incompetent or batshit crazy they are. If any of them are ever held accountable, you will get people in the community upset over it.

To reiterate: Martinez had worked in accounting in Illinois for years and years (updated post to note he wasn't a CPA and didn't claim to be one), and if there had been any problems at all with his credentials, he would have been caught long ago. He didn't work for some obscure outfits, either. I believe he worked for a Catholic diocese in Chicago and then with Chicago Public Schools under Arne Duncan. When there was criticism over his appointment as WCSD superintendent because he wasn't a licensed administrator, the board made excuses that he didn't have to have an education degree to head a school district and that they were following state law.

Now somebody is going to come out looking bad when the dust settles. It might not be Martinez.


However, in a short interview late Tuesday, Martinez said the board claimed he misrepresented his credentials as a certified public accountant when he was a candidate for the position.

"I was accused of something that is basically untrue," Martinez said. "They accused me of lying about being a licensed CPA."

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