Sunday, July 27, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: District Wants Good Old Boy, Not Good Role Model

Some Nevada pols are talking about the legislative "void" resulting from the Martinez sacking.

Of course Pedro Martinez is not the problem here. The problem is with a corrupt board in bed with the corrupt good-old-boy system that actually runs the district. Martinez upset the applecart with the Mieras flap, but even before when he talked about how difficult it was to fire principals, which is the truth. These entitled idiots who think they deserve lifetime jobs because of their connections didn't like the dirty truth coming out, so they retaliated. That's my theory, and it's probably as close to the real story as possible.

I KNOW Martinez is telling the truth because I went through almost the identical thing. What he alleges in his suits is also the ENTIRE story, at least regarding the events leading up to his being sacked. It sounds unbelievable, but rest assured it is the truth. We don't know who or what put the board up to breaking the law. That's the only mystery, and the truth of that may never come out. The district really does force people out on bogus charges or twists the facts in order to get the unwanted person out. The goal is to get the person out by any means short of bodily harm.

They are going to lie and rig the legal process for their benefit because the goal is protect the people responsible for ruining an innocent but unwanted person in the district. The lawyers, graduates from Shyster U., say administrators or the board don't have to follow the law or honor employment contracts. Now that's a new one, but the district believes this because it isn't their money that's involved. They figure, get the person out, and lotsa luck finding an attorney who is licensed in Nevada who will take your case. It's nearly impossible for the average person. Martinez could do it, but I couldn't.

Every single member of the Board who was involved in this needs to be recalled or forced to resign. Every person who runs for the school board should be required to disclose ALL potential conflicts of interest including previous employment at WCSD, relatives who work at WCSD past and any other relationships (as employees, neighbors, etc.)

Anybody who has ever worked there as an administrator should be automatically disqualified from running for the school board. Just too many potential conflicts of interest since they sign off on both hirings and terminations.


From the link:

Hickey was adamant that lawmakers will push through a new funding formula in 2015: "There is going to be a new formula," he told Mason.

Martinez — Washoe's first Latino superintendent — would have had the institutional knowledge and experience to fight for some of that money earmarked for English-language-learners' programs.

"I go to events and I see Latino parents and students looking at him and being extremely proud of who he is and what he has accomplished," Hickey said of Martinez. "If we are talking about role model, boy, is he ever a great one."

He may be a good role model, but he isn't a "good old boy," so he had to go.

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