Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: Board is SOL

When you have the governor's wife criticizing you, you might just as well hang it up:

"I can honestly say because my husband is an elected official and my life is probably more transparent than anybody in the state, we are not above anyone else," Sandoval said to the board.

"I have been fighing for rights of kids for 20 years, trying to make our education in this state better," she said. "To see the progress we have started to make and now we have destroyed that stability."

She called the decisions by the board narrow and shortsighted and may cost the state federal grants and economic opportunity with new businesses questioning a move to the Silver State.

The district's tentative response to the Martinez suit is one of the most pathetic I have ever read. They have to put up something--anything--to defend themselves over the indefensible.

I would think once the Attorney General comes down hard on the Board of Trustees, the six offenders will have to resign.

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