Friday, July 25, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: Martinez Sues

As expected, fired superintendent Pedro Martinez has filed suit against the Washoe County School District. His attorney filed two actions against it: one for an injunction against the Board of Trustees prohibiting them to schedule their kangaroo hearing for next Tuesday and the other for breach of contract and violation of the Open Meeting Law.

As we should know by now, no matter what one thinks of Pedro Martinez, he is in the right here. It doesn't matter what the board claims he did, for what the BOARD did in violating the law is the issue.

A couple of my comments following the article in response to other comments:

The entire fiasco is disturbing. WCSD does not follow the law, especially with regard to employees. These administrators and board cannot be trusted, and they cannot be believed. If there were some kind of hearing here and there were witnesses, the district would coerce people to lie for them. Board members are going public and lying with abandon. A similar thing happened to me when the district ruined my life. The board was not directly involved the way they are with Martinez, but instead I was railroaded out of the district through collusion by the district, the district's attorney, the association's attorney who was supposed to work in my interests, the arbitrator, and the so-called "union." That was in order to protect two administrators, one of whom was later demoted (though I don't know if it had anything to do with my case as I had notified former sup Morrison about the wrongdoing) while the other one keeps getting bounced from job to job to job instead of being fired like she should have been. This is the way the district operates. You do anything at all, no matter how innocent or petty, to piss off some entitled good old boy administrator who has been entrenched in the district for years, and these administrators will move heaven and earth to destroy you. Look at the threat Aiazzi made to Martinez. That's a thug at work, but that's par for the course for that district.

Unlike Martinez, who will get a huge amount of money for this, I was left destitute because I wasn't told my rights. All of my legal options are gone, and here I am near 60 and completely destitute. I believe Martinez isn't just fighting for himself but for all of the employees who were wrongfully kicked to the curb by this utterly lawless, utterly corrupt school district.


The negative stories are true. The district has been corrupt for many, many years. It's all about protecting the big boys at the top, and to hell with the little guys. In this case, it was the big guy who was scapegoated out because he dared to challenge the entrenched good old boy network personified by the former police chief. What you are seeing with Martinez has happened with a lot of other people, but the rest of us didn't have the financial wherewithal to fight back and at least get compensated for the wrongful termination.

These people don't care if they break the law. It's toilet paper to them because it isn't their money. They figure he will file a lawsuit, and he will sign a gag order never to talk in exchange for a major insurance payout, and they can continue to pull the crap they have pulled for many, many years to other people.

Martinez will never come back. You can't go back to the way it was. What happened is done. The board screwed up, and they are TOTALLY at fault. It doesn't matter what the allegations are against Martinez. It's totally irrelevant. The law was broken, a contract was illegally breached. Those are the issues, not Martinez, not Mieras, not anything else but the board's actions. The board needs to resign.