Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip: The Password is Entitled

The former police chief and his wife need to shut their entitled mouths.

It's very unseemly.

Furthermore, nothing he says can be believed, and even so, it isn't the issue. The board had no right to violate state law and Martinez's contract.


The district's tentative response is just smoke and mirrors, a bunch of complete and total bullshit.

Martinez and his lawyer have the district dead to rights.

Meanwhile, a recall effort against the idiot board could be a long process.

Oh, this is good:

Several people threatened members of the board Tuesday that if they didn't resign, a recall would follow. At one point, trustee Howard Rosenberg left the room visibly disgusted during the contentious meeting, shouting "I'd be the first one" to sign a recall petition.

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