Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Part of "At-Will" Employment Don't You Understand?

It's like these idiots don't even understand that a school superintendent can reorganize and get rid of senior administrators because those administrators at "at-will" employees. That comes with the territory when you make a six-figure salary as a senior administrator. It's not like they will starve to death when they are let go, unlike piddling little teachers who have their lives ruined.

Unnamed people at Washoe County School District are living "in fear"? As long as it is principals and other administrators, I say it's about time. No more of this keeping them around forever when they screw up. Boot their worthless asses instead of promoting them, demoting them, or moving them around.

Mieras had an "unblemished record"? That doesn't mean he was a good employee necessarily or a good boss. If somebody has a "blemished record" doesn't mean that person is a bad one, either. School districts are incredibly political workplaces, so getting written up isn't an indicator of anything given how shitty so many supervisors are.

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