Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Quote That Pisses Me Off

It just shows how absolutely wrongheaded business "leaders" and school "reformers" are when they pervert the whole purpose of education--which is NOT about training workers but about teaching people to be citizens--and call children "products."

Schools are NOT businesses and can't be run on business models. That hasn't stopped the "reformers" from pushing this nonsense until they bleed the last cent dry from the taxpayers.

Calling children "data" or "data points" is just as offensive. Anything to depersonalize and dehumanize education and the people in it.

It's criminal.

Here's the disgusting quote:

“The business community is the consumer of the educational product. Students are the educational product. They are going through the education system so that they can be an attractive product for business to consume and hire as a workforce in the future.”

This is classic neoliberal "thinking."

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