Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Frivolous Lawsuit Filed Against Washoe County School District

Pure calculation on the part of the former police chief in order to try and get his old job back.

I wrote this regarding the frivolous case:

You were legitimately let go, Mike. You were not entitled to a lifetime job. What a perversion of the legal system with this frivolous lawsuit. You have no case whatsoever. With your background you could get a job someplace else.

I think of people like myself who had REAL cases against this filthy district but could get nowhere in the legal system. People like Mieras make me sick. He was strictly an at-will employee whose contract was not renewed, and having "almost 20 years" in PERS is not an issue since people become vested in PERS after FIVE years. There was no conspiracy on the part of Pedro Martinez to sack him, just a desire to switch gears and go in a different direction. Reorganizations happen all the time both in and out of public ed. A lot more of the overpaid and entrenched bums called administrators in that district need to meet the same fate as he did. Unfortunately, many of these supervisors called principals have a union, which should not be allowed, making it next to impossible to fire them.

These longtime employees live in a total bubble and have no concept of what it is like to have to get a job in the real world, where things like nepotism and an inflated sense of entitlement are not tolerated. Mieras would fare better than 99 percent of people who are let go. He has no business abusing the legal system thinking he has "all of this support" in the community. He doesn't outside of his little tight-knit bubble of WCSD employees and some friends and neighbors. Most people in the real world couldn't care less about his travails. Contrast that to the outrage voiced by the community in the Board's treatment of Pedro Martinez when it broke the law.

Of course Mieras will get some money as a result of this silly lawsuit.

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