Sunday, August 17, 2014

He Has the Right to Due Process

I can't believe anybody could write such a poorly reasoned letter as this one. Pedro Martinez was wrongfully terminated, and he has the right to due process as any other individual in the United States. He's luckier than most people wrongfully terminated by school districts in that he has the access to legal representation. Many of us who were illegally dumped by this district weren't even told of our rights by our alleged "unions," groups that are actually subsidiaries of the school district. We didn't get to exercise our rights at all.

Where does this "million dollars" come from, by the way? I didn't see any such thing being asked by Martinez in his original complaint. He was asking for a "minimum of $10,000." Oh, that's right, it was the DISTRICT'S outside lawyer who came up with that figure. Just like everything else this district does--pulls out stuff literally out of its backside in trying to cover up for their wrongdoing. Even if he asked for that much, it's his right to have due process.

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