Saturday, August 30, 2014

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Of course those education "waivers" are unconstitutional violation of the separation of powers.

The article is up. I had to wait forever it seems to get the PDF to come up.

It is a good article worthy of some attorney to start filing lawsuits against the Department of Education.

At first jarring to viewers, Obama's tan suit that he wore the other day looked good on him. It was hardly a fashion mistake.

Some people need to get a life.

With a name like Zephyr Rain Teachout, you can't get elected shit, even against a shit like Andrew Cuomo.

Undoubtedly she was a child of hippies or hippie wannabees. There are so many kids who were saddled with bullshit names like this. She should have changed it to something a little more normal years ago.

"Merit" doesn't exist, and why should teachers be paid shit on the basis of what OTHERS do? It makes no sense.

Never mind that private sector employees often get reimbursed for taking classes in their field and even pay for degrees. These dolts in the ed "reform" movement don't even know squat about civil service and why there has to be a step system and rewards for advanced degrees and not for the fictional "merit"--it's to prevent favoritism by supervisors like principals. Basically, these "reformers" walk all over teachers largely because of sexism. They figure women won't fight back--they've already sacrificed the right to strike in most states. Why not finish the job and pay them the same as babysitters?

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