Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip

The Reno Gazette-Journal has asked the AG to investigate all of the meetings subsequent to the secret sacking of Superintendent Pedro Martinez.

This comment following the article says it all:

The Board sought to "void" the illegal action they took. But somehow, they were inclined to fire/ relieve Mr. Martinez of his job b/c of semantics?

So if Mr. Martinez broke the law and breached a contract exposing the county to millions in liability - would the Board of Trustees pardon Mr. Martinez? Would they allow him to keep his job?

If not, then why haven't they resigned? Why is it that they hold Mr. Martinez to a standard that doesn't apply to them?

Does the Board of Trustees feel that they are above the law? The law doesn't apply to them? They can hire and fire but those standards for firing and hiring don't apply to them?

Ethics? Civil duty? Fiduciary duty to their constituents? None of that applies to the Board of Trustees? They can expose their constituents to millions in litigation costs then claim their illegal conduct is "void" and they get to "start over?"

Sounds like the thought of a "do over" never crossed their mind when they sat in judgment of Mr. Martinez.

Now the Constituents of this county sit in judgment of these Trustees - and they seek shelter from responsibility. The rules/laws don't apply to them?

Resign or recall these people. Constituents and tax payers deserve better representation.

The district acts the way it does because it doesn't give a shit.

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