Friday, August 01, 2014

What, No Dagger?

Judging from the self-serving statements from the guilty board members and their taxpayer-financed lawyer, Martinez should think twice before hugging any of them:

(Photo by Marilyn Newton of the RGJ)

They are STILL trying to make Martinez the issue instead of their utterly lawless behavior:

Ruggerio said Martinez, who makes $238,000 a year, demanded his full severance package as trustees talked about addressing the CPA questions at a public meeting.

The school district has the right to remove Martinez without cause so long as he’s given 90 days written notice and a full year’s salary, as well as other accrued compensation.

Trustees have said things escalated and became argumentative. Clark said in a statement that the situation between the board and Martinez had less to do questions about Martinez’s CPA status and more to do with attitude, demeanor and lack of cooperation.

Who the fuck believes you, Ruggiero, you corrupt pol? The more you guys talk, the worse you all come off.

Resign and get lost.

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