Monday, August 18, 2014

Who In His or Her Right Mind Would Apply at Washoe County School District?

At the bottom of this article, the reporter notes the district has had some 100 substitutes fill in for vacant positions. Of course many of these subs will wind up getting the jobs by default, like I did, and more than a few of them will be treated like shit by the district if they have no connections.

If any prospective teacher applicant has been following the news, he or she wouldn't waste his or her time applying for that district. Nobody in his or her right mind would apply at a school district where the law is flouted by administrators and where negotiated agreements are not followed. The law and procedures are treated like toilet paper by WCSD. What we have seen with Superintendent Martinez is SOP for teachers who somehow upset the entitled and entrenched principals and other administrators and are routinely thrown under the bus, the law and contracts and be damned.

Apparently there aren't all of the nepotisms there used to be in the past, when it was nearly impossible for outsiders to get any kind of decent teaching job so that somebody's spouse or somebody's kid could have the job instead. However, the so-called "good jobs" in the classroom are still being filled with either transfers or nepotisms. Why anybody would want a classroom job these days with all of the "standards" and pressures is a mystery of me. It's even worse for special education teachers not just because of parental complaints or sometimes being treated like the hired help by classroom teachers and the occasional mentally deranged speech pathologist, but also by administrators who insist sped teachers break the law so the administrator looks good to the central office. Not a good environment by any stretch of the imagination.

Nationally there is still a big glut of teachers, but on the college and university level, people are starting to wake up and realize that spending tens of thousands of dollars of their own money or in student loans would be wasted to take a job where a principal can literally ruin their careers overnight and on the flimsiest of allegations. Not worth it. Enrollment is just starting to decline in teacher education programs.

Which gives the "reformers" more excuse to lower the standards to become a teacher. After all, "anybody" can do this "easy" job, right?

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