Friday, August 29, 2014

Yet Another Reason To Impeach His Ass

Despite growing opposition to all of the education "reforms," the Obama administration continues on its insane quest, no doubt funded by Gates and company, to demonize and destroy the teaching profession while abusing the federal government's role in education policy.

It's simply batshit. They aren't listening to teachers at all:

The new initiative by the Obama administration, however, switches the focus from “highly qualified” teachers to those who are said to be “highly effective,” ie., teachers whose students perform satisfactorily on standardized tests.

This seemingly minor change in wording means that the once objective means of gauging teacher quality by subject-area degree and certification area has been altered to one that is almost entirely subjective, based as it is on the singular focus on standardized test scores.

Such a focus ignores a host of other measures of effectiveness such as students’ scores on teacher-created tests, projects and other assignments, the ability to instill an understanding and appreciation of the subject matter in students, and many other less tangible measures of successful teaching.

Rather than provide the necessary resources to overcome poverty and reverse the decades-long financial starvation of the public schools, the Obama administration, with the help of the teachers unions, is seeking to paint the picture that impoverished school districts lack—not the elemental necessities for a decent educational environment—but teachers who are determined and dedicated enough to overcome these problems! This is an utter fraud.

"Highly effective" translated means the cheap bimbos and TFAs who are underqualified or not qualified at all while declaring war on veteran, older teachers who "cost too much money."

These bastards aren't fooling anybody.

It doesn't surprise me Randi Weingarten is right there supporting. She's nothing but a fraud, a mole anyway.

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