Sunday, September 14, 2014

Clue to the Clueless Reporters

People should know what they are writing about before they write about it.

Students who qualify for special education services have a wide range of abilities and needs. If the more severe students could do grade level work, they would graduate with regular diplomas. Instead, they qualify for adjusted diplomas based on their own individualized programs. Lumping those who merely have problems with reading or math (often because they are pushed too early with inappropriate curriculum thanks to the insane "standards" mantra peddled by clueless politicians) with those who have severe intellectual disabilities distorts the issue. Many students with less severe issues have other problems going on in their lives that go beyond academics, just like the many students in the general student population who don't complete high school. I suspect the 28 percent graduation figure is a bunch of bunk. I'd like to see if adjusted diplomas are included in the stats.

Blaming teachers for failing to work miracles on students is irresponsible. Politicians who rail about special ed students not graduating with regular diplomas need a reality check. Dale Erquiaga is a political hack, not an educator.

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