Wednesday, September 03, 2014

So Much for Higher Standards

Now the authorities and school administrators in Maryland are saying the teacher being put on administrative leave for having written two sci-fi novels has some "mental issues." Typical garbage coming from administrators and other "authorities."

Despite claims of a "four-page letter," THIS is most likely what happened: Gutless administrator caved to parent complaints.

I asked for specifics. He said the "Columbine material" consisted of a report on the infamous Colorado school shooting. It could have been meant for research for his novels, I suggested.

"Absolutely, that could be true. We played all the angles on that. You can't just dismiss every little thing in a situation like this, in 2014." He went on to say, "If someone wrote a novel about school shootings it wouldn't concern me. I person is allowed to follow their pursuits. I love fiction. I love expression. But some citizens did react to this, there were citizen complaints based on the book, but this wasn't an overreaction. If you add this to the model of a school that he was building -- is this a tortured artist, or is this someone obsessed about schools? But I don't know how this story got out there that he was placed on leave because of these books. The main concern here is therapeutic, that he gets the help he needs."

Who is this prosecutor kidding? It was a moron principal or other administrator who overreacted, and now, with public outrage, the district and other officials are trying to play CYA.

If you had a case of a teacher on leave you don't the fuck MAKE IT PUBLIC and then say the teacher has mental health problems. Talk about destroying lives.

Idiots, every last one of them.

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