Thursday, September 18, 2014

Great Takeoff of the Animal "Rights" Whack Jobs

We all know, or should know, that the animal "rights" movement isn't about animal "rights" or welfare at all; these people just co-opt the animal welfare lingo in order to force an extremist agenda on the public.

They don't give a shit about animals or people. It's nothing but a goddamned cult.

This takeoff on the whack jobs puts them in their place.

How many of us have stopped to consider the plight of those poor zucchini that are bred to excess every year? This rampant zucchini population explosion has become an appalling national shame.

Irresponsible gardeners (some of whom can't even spell zucchini) plant excessive sets, or sometimes even entire seed packets. They allow the plants to breed unchecked in sleazy backyard "zucchini mills," forced to live out their unnaturally short lives with their roots in filthy manure, or burned by harsh chemical fertilizers.

This piece is brilliant.

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