Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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We knew privatizing the New Orleans school system would be a complete disaster, but little did we know just how much:

Although the closure of RSD’s last five public schools was a cause celebre in the national media, it was only last week that a brief article by the Times-Picayune newspaper announced that RSD had fired 84 percent of its staff during the summer, from an already tiny 562 down to 92. The vast majority of RSD’s remaining funding is earmarked for construction and repair of school buildings, which are then turned over to charter operators. The district’s operating budget, which does not include funding for construction, has fallen by over 90 percent in just two years, from $300 million to just under $20 million for the current school year.

The Recovery School District, for all intents and purposes, has thus been reduced to a mere regulatory agency for the charter school industry in Louisiana. One of its chief remaining functions in New Orleans, for example, is contracting with outside vendors to produce a common application system (known as OneApp) for all of the city’s charter schools.


The media continues its propaganda about public pensions.

It's 45 million and counting who are sliding into poverty.

Household income has declined drastically with no end in sight. Neither party has any intention of doing a damned thing about it while at the same time creating the problem.

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