Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Remember, Washoe County School District "Won" After All

The important thing to remember from this is that the district "won." They got "rid" of Pedro Martinez. It didn't matter how illegal it was since they had Judge Hardy in their pocket to recommend a "do-over" despite the blatant conflict of interest. It didn't matter how much it cost since it isn't "their" (the Board members') money that's involved. It didn't matter what the public thought about the whole matter. The important thing is that he is "gone" just as their district lawyer advised them that they could indeed flout the law. The end always justifies the means with that district despite its perverting the purpose of the legal system. The all-important "gag clause" is in that agreement so that the district can pull the same garbage on other employees that they did on Martinez by silencing him and the Board from discussing the matter further.

If there was any good coming out of this entire debacle, it's that people saw for the first time just what an utterly corrupt, lawless outfit Washoe County School District really is. Those of us who were kicked to the curb and weren't told of our legal rights by our "unions" were the only ones who really knew how bad it was and is. Now you saw the whole dirty operation for what it is. There will be many more victims of this district's treachery while administrators will still be allowed to get away with it.

Who will they get to replace him? What sane individual would want the job? The Board wants a "yes" person in there, so a "lifer," an entitled bum who has been with the district for years and years, would be the perfect candidate for a shithole of an organization. Somebody who is popular with the numerous cliques in the district despite being incompetent or stupid or otherwise not fit for the job.

That's the ticket.

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