Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Sleaze Stands Alone

One of Richard Nixon's greatest hits, his desire to hit the Brookings Institution based on some wrong information that the file showing Nixon committed treason by subverting the 1968 Paris Peace Talks was there:

Of course the file wasn't there but in Austin, Texas, hidden safely away by LBJ official Walt Rostow.

It totally boggles the mind just how mentally "out there" Nixon was. He was all about himself, and to hell with the consequences.

He even dragged the Vietnam War out long enough to ensure his re-election while at the same time employing dirty tricks and other lawbreaking through third parties against any Democrats who posed a threat to that re-election.

That was Watergate in a nutshell.

Ken Hughes talked about his book, Chasing Shadows, and Chennaultgate last month:


Nixon's reputation can never be rehabilitated.

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