Sunday, September 21, 2014

The State of Education 2014

Go to college for years and years and years, and you can expect to be an "adjunct professor" for the rest of your life in pursuit of the ever elusive tenured college job.

Of course K-12 education graduates go through much the same thing unless they have family connections. The way they are exploited is through the system of substituting in some hope of getting a regular job. Other teachers degrade themselves by taking teacher aide and teacher assistant jobs, with more and more of those being only part-time jobs, low pay, and no benefits.

Speaking of K-12 teachers, in at least one state in the country, North Carolina, the supply is starting to dry up thanks to current teachers being treated like shit and more college students not bothering to major in education.

In a way, I wish it were true in states like Oregon, but the colleges still churn out hundreds of graduates each year in a job market where there are few or no jobs to be had.

I personally am finding it impossible to get back into the field in anything more than substituting shit. I am sick of this situation.

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