Friday, September 26, 2014

There is NO "More to the Story" of the Washoe County School District Soap Opera

Good fucking shit, get a clue. Stop peddling Howard Rosenberg and company's BULLSHIT that there was "more" to the story of why they decided to break the law and Pedro Martinez's contract. The onus is on THEM, NOT on Pedro Martinez.

There is no "more" to the story because Washoe County School District is a piece of shit employer that flouts the law because it can. Scapegoating undesired employees is routine while asshole and idiot administrators get away with murder.

Furthermore, Martinez isn't the issue, the Board and the district are, and there is no evidence whatsoever Martinez, did anything wrong, let alone cause the board to break the law. You had board members like Aiazzi and Rosenberg who clearly are so dim they have no understanding of what a board member's job entails (hint: it isn't to micromanage the superintendent). They were on a power trip, and Martinez wouldn't kiss their royal asses, to put it bluntly. The board had to find something, anything, no matter how stupid, no matter minor to "get rid of him." They "won," public opinion and misuse of public money notwithstanding.

Rosenberg is digging his own grave, and he isn't dead yet. He needs to shut up. He makes himself, the Board, and the district look worse.

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