Sunday, September 14, 2014

These "Statistics" Are a Load of Crap

If people are going to bellyache about something, they should at least know what in the hell it is before making suggestions to "reform" it.

K-12 teachers don't have "tenure." They don't have any real rights at all against school districts.

The "statistics" are a load of crap. School districts use all kinds of deceitful jargon to hide the REAL numbers of the teachers who get dumped all the time in school districts all over the country. Non-renewals, resignations in lieu of dismissals, forced resignations, and "dismissals" are ALL firings, and they number in the THOUSANDS a year. The ONLY thing school districts and "reformers" use in their deceitful arguments is those few teachers who actually go through the kangaroo hearings called "due process hearings" and lose, which 75 percent of those few who opt for them do. Almost all of them who are eligible take resignations in lieu of dismissals in exchange for a promise not to sue a school district and some itty-bitty amount of money. These teachers stupidly think this will help them in the job search process, but I can tell you it makes NO difference since you have to disclose any kind of termination, which a resignation in lieu of a dismissal is, on a job application. It gets thrown into the trash.

People need to talk to teachers who have been dumped to find out just how much power principals have, and how little teachers really have and how easily teachers are dumped. It's a shock, let me tell you.

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