Monday, September 22, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip

It appears today's mediation hearing between the WCSD board and Superintendent Pedro Martinez has come to an end, as mediation judge Dave Hardy has "recommended" the two part ways.

Apparently as long as his legal fees are paid and contract fulfilled, he will leave the district:

After a ten-hour mediation meeting, Judge Hardy issued the recommendation that the Washoe County School District exercise their right to purchase the remainder of Pedro Martinez's contract. They will vote on the matter at the school board meeting on Tuesday.

If approved, Martinez's contract will end on December 22. Martinez is available and willing to work until that date. The Board will determine his final day of work, not to be less than six weeks from September 23.

The general financial terms will include 15 months' salary for Martinez, plus $80,000 for Martinez's legal fees.

Who the hell would work for that district after this?

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