Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Washoe County School District Will Always Be a Toxic Dump

Who in the hell is going to want to work for that dump after the way the Board of Trustees treated Pedro Martinez? The mediation judge has decided to recommend Pedro Martinez's contract be enforced and to pay him separation pay and attorney fees. I am guessing the amount will be in excess of $400,000.

It will have to be up to the voters to decide what happens to their idiotic board.

The big question will be who will they find to take over the job. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised they pick some lifer like Paul Dugan who had a low I.Q. and wouldn't do one damned thing to administrators who screw up.

Nobody will want the job until that board is gone.

To read this, it sounds like Martinez got the upper hand in the recommendation:

"The parties agree that they will not disparage or malign one another with respect to any matter relating to their employment or service, their professionalism, ethics, work ethics, character, or integrity," Hardy's recommendation states.

The only ones doing that were the various board members.

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