Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Washoe County School District "Won," While Everybody Else Loses

The fact is the district "won." It didn't matter how much money was wasted in the process, the point was to get rid of Pedro Martinez either legally or otherwise. This is what the district's lawyers tell them to do. This is the way this school district and many other school districts operate around the country. Normal people, including ethical lawyers, regard the legal system as a last resort, not something to be abused, as a way to "dare" an unwanted employee to sue them and then force them to settle instead of go to trial. Ethical people just don't do that. WCSD is not made up of very ethical people in positions of power. With a settlement they can buy an employee's silence through gag orders. With Martinez this was the game plan all along. The district owns the legal system around there. Just look at what the mediating judge did. He basically said it was okay for the Board to violate the law, and they went ahead and got rid of him anyway without any input from the public. They forced a settlement on Martinez. Martinez was deemed to be the problem, not the corrupt board or the corrupt school district.

Washoe County residents really have a major problem with that school district. There is no true oversight of the abuse that goes on with employees. I have been saying this for years about it because I went through the exact same thing as Pedro Martinez. Administrators are protected while teachers and other staff are ruined forever because the district games the legal system for its benefit. The only reason I can say what I say is because I never "settled" with them. I wasn't told my "rights," of course, by WEA, a worthless "union" if there ever was one, but the district didn't buy my silence, either. I will never, ever shut up about it.


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