Monday, October 20, 2014

Amazon Is Just Like Walmart

Undercut prices at first, and then jack prices up when the competition is gone. Worse still is the whole idea of "eBooks," which is nothing more than downloading for rent rather than owning a hard copy. People flocked to that thing for the convenience not realizing the convenience is an inferior experience, not to mention you don't own one goddamned thing you download.

John Grisham was right when he said that the aim of Bezos was to destroy publishing houses, and you know what this ultimately means. It ultimately means controlling ideas. Scary shit.

Krugman has it right about what the monopolizing Bezos is doing.

It's like we never learn a goddamned thing about monopolies. Unfortunately, our federal government is so totally worthless--by design--that any chance of controlling outfits like Amazon is nil.

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