Monday, October 20, 2014

Get Fired for Protecting Kids From Bullying, but KEEP Your Job if You ARE a Bully

and encouraging bullying by students at students who "misbehave."

This teacher apparently had been doing this humiliation for two years. Despite many complaints, the district did nothing about it. Only when somebody filmed this garbage was "anything" done, and the teacher still got away with it.

When Zapfe asked her daughter about Patteson’s disciplinary methods, she learned that the wheel is nothing new in the class. A number of parents had already complained to the district about Patteson, she later learned.

Zapfe also told Watness that Patteson whizzes the balls by her students’ heads when she catches them chatting at inappropriate times. Several students have also been hit in the face with the balls, Zapfe said, adding that Patteson has a policy that if she hits a student in the face, the student gets to throw the ball back at her.

Any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying is a violation of the district’s anti-bullying policy. Zapfe said the district is failing to abide by its own rules.

I'd bet anything this teacher has political or family connections with the district or one nearby.

Anybody else would have been sent packing.

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