Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I Am Glad Somebody Has Called Out the "T's" Bullshit

It has nothing to do with "hate" to refuse to feed a tiny number of people a delusion and to call out the bastardization of the term "gender" which is in fact synonymous with "sex" and has nothing to do with stereotyped behavior or the desire to playact sex roles.

It's very fashionable now for many of the 99.99999-percent of the population who are not "transgender" or whatever to feed this tiny minority that their delusions are in fact normal. In fact, it is very brave indeed to call out this bullshit of men trying to "crash" the feminist movement by claiming to be something they are not and can never be.

No, "transsexuals" or "transgenders" shouldn't be treated like shit in terms of being denied jobs or housing accommodations and certainly shouldn't be threatened in any way, but they aren't what they claim to be and there is no way in hell I am going to feed the delusion. Nobody else should, either.

More than a few of the second-wave feminists are also calling bullshit on the current perversion of the term "gender." As noted in the article, a surgically mutilated man in drag is no more a woman than a white person can himself or herself be black or be another minority group. Physical characteristics are immutable.

It has nothing to do with critics of this being "older"--it has everything to do with the fact that claiming these people are "female" when they are not and never will be is feeding a lie. Embracing stereotypes is also reactionary. Undergoing cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy in order to act out a sex stereotype is reactionary.

The criticism is long overdue, folks. Younger people need to get with a program and stop catering to a tiny minority's delusions of what "sex" they think they are.

"Forbidden Discourse" is available to read in PDF.

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