Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I Doubt the Kitz-Richardson Debate Changed Anything

After a somewhat nervous start, Dennis Richardson tried his best to moderate his views, going so far as to say that whatever social issues (abortion, same-sex marriage) have been settled by the legislature and by the courts he would not change. He said he would focus on the major issues like the economy, education, and so forth. No doubt his handlers see that Kitz is on the ropes thanks to his being a complete idiot when it comes to women, and Richardson is trying to moderate his views in order to get votes from Democrats disgusted with Kitz's defense of the golddigging "first lady" of Oregon.

Kitz was well-spoken for the most part last night, but when it came to the "C-word," he tried to rapidly get through the questions. If he gets re-elected, which is almost a certainty despite the scandal, he has some serious soul searching to do whether to pull the 47-year-old albatross from his 67-year-old neck and dump her.

You can watch the rerun of the debate here.

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