Thursday, October 09, 2014

It's Chickenshittery, Not Bravery


This is another one of these issues that people have not thought through. You know, if she wants to kill herself, she can do it, but what I object to is perverting the purpose of the medical profession to do what she is too cowardly herself to do. The mission of the medical profession is to "do no harm." The "right to die" people have so perverted to mission of the medical profession that they have done a massive con on the American people. It is NOT acceptable to have doctors kill the sick, the elderly, the disabled, when they become "too much of a burden to others." Oregon never should have allowed this "assisted suicide" crap in the first place. Same is true with the glorification of the late serial killer Jack Kevorkian, who was actually no different from the late convicted UK murderer Harold Shipman.

The "right to die" will eventually become the "duty to die." Hell you got Rahm's brother going around peddling this shit about 75 being a "good age" to die. It's preparing the non-rich of us for our future of being killed when the rich have no more use for us as cheap laborers.

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