Saturday, October 04, 2014

It's Cover Your Ass at Fountain Hills School District

They and that "hearing officer" who was obviously on the take are trying to put the onus on the teacher who was dumped and lost her "due process hearing" the other day because she dared to protect a student from bullies.

There has to be some dipshit principal involved who wants her out for some reason. This poor teacher was put on an "improvement plan," which of course is the first step to firing a teacher. Hell, these dipshits don't even HAVE to put a teacher on an "improvement plan"--they can just leave the damned thing in the file, sit on their ass, and still be protected by school districts.

The fact is she cost "too much money" or was "too outspoken" or both, so the district found some petty excuse to get rid of her.

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