Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's the Shitz to Be Kitz

I can't, however, feel that sorry for him because his shack-up has gotten into hot water.

Kitzhaber's lucky he has such weak competition for governor.

What's sad about the whole thing is there are a lot of dumb men out there who are so flattered by a much-younger woman's attention that they let all common sense go out the window. Let's face it: Kitz is 67 and doesn't look a day under 85, so the already wide age gap looks even bigger between the two. He looks horrible for his age, and growing a mustache makes him look even more ancient. He's also not the brightest bulb on the chandelier. The only reason this woman, who dabbled in some pseudo-cause before she met him, bagged him was for her own financial and career benefit. It wasn't for his looks or his personality or his intelligence. She's the classic golddigger who has no compunction about using others for her own purposes.

Kitz could have found some nice, ethical woman much closer to his own age, who perhaps didn't look like a fashion model and would have made an ideal partner for his political career, but his stupid ego got the better of him. He deserves exactly what he gets, and I say this as a Democrat who will probably vote for him because there is nobody else out there who is running against him (far right pol Richardson is a joke).


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