Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just Because You're a Famous Author Doesn't Mean You Have Anything Worth Saying

I hope John Grisham will go down in ignominy after his utterly batshit proclamation that consumers of kiddie porn "don't hurt anybody." This is classic libertarian bullshit.

Consuming kiddie porn contributes to further exploitation of children. The consuming is as bad as the making of it, for without the former the latter can't exist.

I am also opposed to pornography involving adults or those depicted as adults because it is inherently exploitative of other people regardless of the age of those in the videos or pictures. It goes to the value of human dignity. Furthermore, the people in porn are treated like absolute garbage. Reading what I have about the "industry," I won't go near that crap.

"Consent" doesn't exist here because people are forced by economic circumstance and often slavery to participate in the industry. Nobody does this or prostitution out of "choice." It's absurd.

The only thing worse than Grisham's statements are those idiots out there, who, under the guise of "civil liberties," defend pornography, including child porn. This idiot expresses views that were common in the 1970s and 1980s and still unfortunately peddled today by the likes of the ACLU but has no concept of how his or his buddies' consuming porn continues to contribute to the continued exploitation of others, including children.

Nobody "chooses" to enter that "industry" if they have other economic options. That's the bottom line.

The issues are human rights and human dignity, not the "right" of some idiot to jerk off at some pictures or videos.

For the record, Grisham later apologized for his stupid remarks, but I think the damage to his writing career is done.

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