Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kitz Sure Knows How to Pick 'Em

Now we find out that the Oregon governor's much-younger shack-up--excuse me, "fiancee"--was also a marijuana entrepreneur despite it being illegal.

The man who sold the property, then repossessed it, disputed her characterization.

"There was a full size pool table upstairs in the house and that was the first clue," broker Patrick Siemion told KGW's Mike Benner. "There were marijuana trimmings on the table. They had drilled holes in the walls of the log house for the irrigation tubes. Then I went out to the shed and there was marijuana grow specific paraphernalia, more bloom, nitrogen fertilizers."

Siemion told the Oregonian "He was not the leader. The leader was her. She did all the talking, all the negotiating. I remember her saying, 'Oh this is just the perfect place, we're so happy to have it.'"

She's a con artist.

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