Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Circus Resumes in Phoenix

Tomorrow resumes the circus down in Maricopa County, as a jury will hear evidence and decide whether or not to put convicted killer Jodi Arias to death despite the fact the state had absolutely no case for premeditation.

The difference between other cases and this one is other cases didn't have a demented group of Mormon cultists seize and control the narrative of the case beginning with the repugnant 2009 "report" by Maureen Maher that aired on "48 Hours." She and her producer should have been FIRED for their slanted, utterly ridiculous report. Having watched the live stream of the trial, not read FB or Twitter or the filthy HLN "coverage" of the trial, I went from believing Arias committed second-degree murder to believing she should have been acquitted. The state had NO case whatsoever to prove premeditation--it was laughably weak--and there were many, many instances of misconduct by the prosecution. From what I can see this was a classic self-defense case or manslaughter at the most. However, thanks to the idiot Mormon cultists (as opposed to the LDS church), Arias didn't have a chance in that courtroom.

I am confident that if Arias gets the DP, and even if she gets LWOP, it will be overturned on appeal because of the numerous instances of prosecutorial misconduct and the utterly bizarre media coverage which made a fair trial impossible.

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