Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The New American Dream

If you find yourself up the creek financially, there is always your car to live out of--assuming you even have a car.

This situation is a lot more common than people think:

About one in five area homeless people lives in a vehicle, said Kristine Schwarz, the executive director of the New Beginnings Counseling Center, the nonprofit behind the $246,000-a-year program.

“What started as a program serving a couple people in one or two lots has now mushroomed into serving 112 people or more per night in 20 lots,” said Schwarz, who added that the program combined with another effort to get people back into traditional housing serve 800 to 900 people a year.

But the efforts go well beyond trying to give people a better night's sleep..The group meets with their clients every 30 days – the length of time a permit is good for.

I could have been in that situation if it hadn't been for my brother's place.

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