Monday, October 06, 2014

The Truth of What Teachers Face

This sums it up nicely:

* corrupt administrators, use a process that targets senior teacher-practitioners, despite exceptional dedication and huge success in their career, for harassment and egregious, criminal deprivation of due process.

* there is a hidden and scandalous deprivation of due process -- allowed and empowered by unions which do not fulfill their obligation and contract for immediate investigation and fair, promt, grievance procedures, thus permitting a "waiting game" which prevents due process.

* the national assumption expressed in the media is that the unions protect teachers BUT the truth is the unions have looked away from the breaking of tenure, and THUS, as they are the legal arm that protects teachers, teachers have lost their civil rights, and have no genuine access to the courts.

In short, school districts violate civil and administrative law and negotiated agreements because they can. They do it because their attorneys tell them to use the legal system as a first--NOT last--resort to taunt teachers into suing (if they can find a lawyer), settling, and signing that all-important gag order so the districts can turn around and do the same thing to somebody else. It is a perversion of what the legal system should be used for, not to mention not an appropriate use of taxpayer money. It was too late for me to be aware of the games school districts pull. Had I known about it, I wouldn't have ever bothered working for WCSD--at least after the first year of the second time I worked as a teacher there. It would have save me a ton of grief.

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