Monday, October 13, 2014

The WCSD Board Isn't One Bit Sorry

They won't say anything now thanks to the gag order they so much wanted when they dumped Pedro Martinez from his superintendent job.

The Board and general counsel intentionally screwed up because the goal was to get Martinez out no matter what the law or his contract said. That's why they told Martinez that his contract didn't matter. It was toilet paper to them. They aren't one bit sorry for what they did to him or to the public trust. That's the way this poor excuse for a school district operates: Abuse the legal system, use it as a first resort instead of a last resort to get rid of unwanted employees and silence them, and to hell with being wise stewards of the public purse. It happened to me, it happened to Martinez, and it happened to a lot of other people in order to protect those who should be fired.

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