Monday, October 27, 2014

Time Magazine Gets Clobbered

thanks to its irresponsible cover and article talking about teacher "protections" and the Vergara nonsense that came out of a California judge's backside.

BATs has a response online at the magazine site, but what is really needed is the perspective of teachers who have been dumped by school systems illegally and rather easily.

The gavel as a symbol of corporate education, smashing the apple – the universal symbol of education – reinforces a text applauding yet another requested deathblow to teacher tenure. Instead of clarity, this continues the misconception that tenure ensures a job for life. It does not. It ensures “just cause” rationale before teachers can be fired.

Unfortunately, state statutes are so vague as to be worthless as to what constitutes "just cause." "Just cause" is whatever an administrator says it is, legal or not, and that administrator is backed to the hilt by school districts whose lawyers say administrators can do whatever they want to force the wronged party to use the court system or settle for a pittance with a district.

Abuse of the legal system by school districts in order to dump unwanted teachers is the dirty secret in public education.

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