Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip

Outgoing superintendent Pedro Martinez says he is interested in working in administration somewhere else since WCSD pretty much burned its bridges with him.

He should start up a non-profit with other members of the community to help disadvantaged youth.

Meanwhile, it should be noted to Trustee Barbara Clark that polishing a turd doesn't make it a gem.

I can also guess with almost certainty what "advice" the shyster gave them when the Board made the decision to dump Martinez.

The contract and the Open Meeting Law don't mean anything. You can do anything you want to Martinez--he will sue, settle, and sign a gag order. You've gotten rid of him. That's what's important. Don't worry about public outcry, for the public will soon forget all about it.

After all, school districts do this all the time to teachers for the most stupid reasons.

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