Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip

I watched the Board meeting this afternoon, and I couldn't believe the goddamned gall the Board had to consider jettisoning the current deputy superintendent, Traci Davis, in favor of some old crony who had worked at WCSD years ago and went to Montana, I believe, to work in administration there. At least the majority of the Board rejected this, because, after all, not only is it a complete waste of money to bring somebody in as a "interim" superintendent when there is a qualified individual, but it is an absolute slap in the face to Davis that any attempt to pass her over for the job was even attempted. Of course she was a Martinez appointee, and I think this sneaky shit was a way to stick it to Martinez. It didn't work, however.

By unanimous vote, Davis did get appointed as interim superintendent.

I almost threw up when I saw the asshole who illegally terminated me six years ago got up to the podium talking about how as the president of the principals' association (a good a reason as any WHY principals should not be allowed collective bargaining rights) she was speaking on behalf of the principals in that their views should be considered when selecting a superintendent and presumably an interim. The bitch should have been fired, and she has a lot of nerve telling the Board to do something when she couldn't run a goddamned school to save her life. Of course several principals were forced out during the Martinez regime, and I only hope more are kicked out, including this asshole. I normally don't judge people on their appearance, and I sure as hell am not a cheesecake candidate, but this woman has put on at least 75 or 100 pounds since I last saw her. She was built like a linebacker when I knew her, but now she could pass as a sumo wrestler. She is just disgusting.

A former teacher got up there earlier blasting the school district because, naturally, it didn't follow the law or procedures when she got forced out. The former HR head was involved in her dismissal as well. What a gang of crooks. She plans to sue the district.

Despite the former police chief planning to grovel before the board while at the same time trying to slander outgoing superintendent Pedro Martinez, apparently he postponed it for another time. If his lawyer had an ounce of brains, she'd have told him to shut up and forget it.

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