Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Washoe County School District Gossip

Here are the gory details of the slap in the face of Deputy Superintendent Traci Davis by three of the Board members in their attempt to bring an old crony from Montana to be interim superintendent.

It was just a total outrage those three--Clark, McLaury, and Mayer--would even entertain such a disgusting idea.

I think it is safe to assume Davis will not be in the running for the permanent job since she was actually Pedro Martinez's appointee from Clark County.


When asked whether she was expecting Clark to introduce an outside candidate, Davis said: “I would like to tell you I was surprised ... Everybody has their feelings and everybody had an opportunity to put their feelings on the table and the board did what was necessary based on input and based on their feelings and that’s a fair process.”

During public comment, multiple members of the community called the motion a “slap in the face” to Davis.

“You don’t see what she is doing in the community is more than enough to be your superintendent,” Glen Taylor, of Reno, said.

Who cares what the public thinks? The district does whatever it wants.

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