Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Why Our Country is Totally Effed Up

And it's all by design, folks. All by design.

It's through outright bribery of politicians that these people have increased "their" wealth to double what it was during a Republican administration. That wealth was largely stolen from the rest of us through tax breaks or through paying the rest of us less so these assholes can have more. There is nobody with the exception of Bernie Sanders and a few more who give a shit about those of us who are screwed over. In sum, there is no meaningful difference between the two major political parties anymore.

Meanwhile, these neolibs like Zeke Emanuel go around and try to tell the rest of us that 75 is such a "good age" to die. Significantly, these same neolibs want to raise the Social Security age to 70 or more so that more people will die before they ever get it. That'll leave more money for the billionaires to steal and to hoard.

As for the billionaires, get a load of this:

In 2009, some of the members of the Forbes 400 list were not billionaires. Now, the cost of entry is $1.55 billion, and there were 113 billionaires in the United States who were left off the list.

This year’s Forbes 400 list is dominated by the financial sector. While finance and real estate made up 4.4 percent of the first Forbes 400 in 1982, this industry now makes up 21 percent, according to the Washington Post. Individuals who made their wealth from hedge funds made up 7.8 percent of the list, 6.3 percent are in private equity and 5.3 percent are in money management.

In the old days these thieves were sent to prison. Now they are glorified and own the politicians who allow them to steal more from the rest of us.

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