Tuesday, November 11, 2014

As Far As I am Concerned, the Jodi Arias Case is Over

The only reasons it will most probably continue are because the judge is in the tank with the prosecution and she never had any control over a case of this notoriety to begin with.

Anybody who carefully followed the case like I did knows the prosecution was extremely corrupt. They never had any evidence at all of premeditated murder. This was a grossly overcharged case. This was not a first-degree murder case. This was not a second-degree murder case. This was not a manslaughter case. This was a classic case of self-defense. The violence at the scene proves there was a life-or-death struggle going on in that house in early June of 2008. Travis Alexander was the one who lost the fight, but it could have very easily been Jodi Arias.

The Mormon mob consisting of Alexander's friends and business associates got hold the narrative early on, going to 48 Hours and peddling an absolutely ridiculous--and unchallenged--story that Jodi traveled all the way from Yreka to Mesa because she was angry Travis was going to take somebody else to Cancun and killed him in a jealous rage. Later on HLN and other media outlets peddled the story. It made no damned sense whatsoever. Making sense had nothing to do with why the Mormon mob peddled this stupidity. It had to do with protecting one of their own, Travis, no matter what the cost to others. It's becoming more and more clear this poor soul had some serious issues perhaps stemming from his own abused childhood. He was an abuser, and now it seems irrefutable he had an addiction to porn, including kiddie porn, possession of which is a crime and was when he was alive.

With many Mormons, it's all about saving face, even if the person whose face they are trying to save is dead. Lying about and virtually lynching somebody else is perfectly acceptable. The end, of course, justifies the means, even if this means the criminal justice system has been perverted to achieve this end.

If we have evidence tampering here--and we already have proof of perjury in the original trial--how can anybody be sure ANY evidence the prosecution had wasn't concealed or tampered?

As far as I am concerned, this case is over. It needs to be thrown out "with prejudice," meaning that Jodi Arias could never be tried again for the death of Travis Alexander. It's unfixable.

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