Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Did Heath Morrison Suffer from the Napoleon Complex?

It was obvious to any observer, let alone employee at WCSD, that Heath Morrison was a flaming narcissist during his tenure there, but did he also suffer from being a tyrant to employees at Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District?

Despite the "some say" reference in the Fox headline, it seems as if at least more than one person bailed out of the district because they couldn't take him anymore.

According to those people, Morrison was a real-life Jekyll and Hyde. I had heard the same rumors about Morrison when he was at WCSD, that he had a bad temper. However, I know that more than a few people there should have been at the receiving end of anger for their treatment of teachers. Regardless, a supervisor or superintendent should never scream at employees, even when they are part of the good old boy network and deserve it.


"I think that the board had finally listened to employees," Classroom Teachers Association President Judy Kidd said. "Who had been complaining for the last two years about his heavy handedness. His Napoleon attitude and the way he yelled and screamed at folks and treated people."

Kidd says she has talked to people who claim they had a bad experience with Morrison.

"The individual was crying and sobbing," Kidd said. "And I have also been party to it."

It makes me wonder if the real reason he jumped from a principal job to a senior administrator job in Maryland was because he was allegedly a bully.

It's called "failing up" in education.

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