Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Etc.

Democrats are expected to take a big hit today in the midterms although I am not too fretful because I am pretty much onto the game those D.C. clowns in both parties are playing.

The GOP is going to be next to worthless so as to tell voters the next time around, "see, our government is the problem and it doesn't work," to justify even more laziness on their part while at the same time collecting their big pensions for doing nothing. The GOP WANTS a Democrat in the White House, even a faker like Obama, so that they don't actually have to do ANYTHING to carry out their poisonous platform.

Something MUST be done about the fact a handful of people are actually running both political parties and wrecking the country.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is one "Democrat" who shouldn't get another term, but he will. The trash talking of teaching and public education is proof he is nothing but a shill for the top one percent of the top one percent.

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