Friday, November 07, 2014

Heath Morrison Formally Resigned Yesterday

as superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. The board there accepted his resignation, 6-3.

It hasn't been confirmed and probably never will be since school districts operate in secrecy, but there have been questions about Morrison's handling of some projects as well as his treatment of some employees during his regime.

Now he is "free" to take care of his mother.

Whether he is able to get a superintendent job elsewhere remains to be seen given the publicity and controversy over this resignation.


So far, the board has not been forthcoming about an executive report that both Morrison and the district said they have no knowledge of.

“Dr. Morrison decided to resign,” McCray said. “He cited his reasons for his resignation, not us.”

Board member Eric Davis voted against letting Morrison go.

“This entire affair could have been resolved before we reached this point by the board talking to the employees involved, including Dr. Morrison, and ensuring that any necessary improvements were achieved,” Davis said in a written statement.

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