Wednesday, November 05, 2014

It Wasn't All Terrible in the Midterms, but It Was Bad Enough

At least it was more or less a wash when it came to state races and ballot measures.

Public education got a big boost in California and especially in Missouri where voters in that state overwhelmingly voted against a proposal to put VAM and destroy teacher protections in the state's constitution. In California a pro-public ed superintendent of public instruction canidate got elected there over a charter school advocate.

An asshole got elected to the Illinois governorship, while an asshole in the governor's mansion in Wisconsin got another term.

Dopers were happy in Oregon when voters stupidly decided to legalize marijuana for "recreational" use, creating a situation that will be found not to be worth the trouble.

It's bad enough we have alcohol, but making marijuana acceptable, especially with young adults and even children, is much, much worse.

One of the worst things that ever came down the pike was legalizing medical marijuana, not because it doesn't help in some cases but because the dope lobby was using it as a way to make wholesale legalization acceptable. It worked, at least in Oregon.

I can see more driving-under-the-influence accidents and more children sneaking dope from their parents to use it as this shit becomes more acceptable. It won't be long before the dopers start pushing to legalize heroin and meth; after all, it's people's rights to choose to mess up their bodies, right? Never mind the cost to society in lost productivity, health care costs, and ruined lives and families, right?

As my mother said many years ago, the reason this stuff was made illegal in the first place is because it was (and is) POISON.

I have always been of the belief that a person who has to revert to drugs like marijuana is a sad individual because he or she can't face life without getting stoned out of his or her head.

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